If you have your own website and simply want to add the latest booking functionality, we have the ideal tool for you. An integrated booking widget in a property website is the best way to attract online customers and manage bookings. We have 2 options:

  • The embedded booking widget can be completely integrated into a website with a streamlined user experience (since the visitor doesn’t have to leave the website).
  • The stand-alone booking widget can be easily implemented as it is a book now type button which takes the traveller to a special landing page.

Booking Functionality

Not all booking widgets are created equal. When travellers visit your website, you want them to stay and book with you …not go off and book on an OTA site like Booking.com or with a competitor. Sadly if your website booking widget is not following best practices, it is likely guests will book elsewhere.

So What is Best Practice?

From a traveller perspective, the things that will encourage them to book on your site (and not go off and book on an OTA site like Booking.com) are;

  • Keep the booking page with availability and room information uncluttered and easy to make a decision quickly.
  • Use ‘calls to action’. Ever noticed the little alerts on Booking.com or Expedia letting you know there is only one room left, or that 3 other people are looking at the hotel now? These prompts are very effective in getting travellers to book, so you don’t want to miss out!
  • Keep the number of steps and number of pages to an optimal number. Too many and travellers will move on.
  • Make sure that booking widget is visibly secure and that convenient payment options are provided.
  • Make sure that booking policies are clearly displayed. Travellers hate having to scroll around looking for these.
  • Make sure the system is very quick and that your booking widget works in all environments: on desktops, mobile devices and Facebook. With so many people now using mobile devices to book it’s not enough that only your website is mobile enabled – you also need to be sure your booking widget is as well.

From your perspective, as you need to use the system every day, you need a Booking Widget that;

  • Is in your language, not only English. Nothing worse if you are a non-English language native speaker than having to navigate around a system only in English
  • Gives you full control over the updates to room rates, inventory, stop sales, special rates and promos etc. to effectively manage yields and maximise profits.
  • Is easy to use and has helpful little prompts built in to assist when you can’t recall what to do.
  • Allows you to track bookings and the booking history and offer lots of reports so you can see where your booking are coming from (OTAs, your front desk, website, Facebook), who is arriving when,  and more.
  • Plugs seamlessly into your channel manager to allow you to distribute to multiple channels.
  • Is able to plug in online payment solutions which you need.

Our Booking Widget embodies all of the above and much more. So if you need a Booking Widget, Hotel Link Solutions has what you need and at prices which will make you very happy.