The fastest growing area of travel search and travel bookings is mobile. By most estimates between around 40% of all travel bookings will be made using mobile devices by 2017. Being mobile enabled is no longer an option, or something you can put off.

Chances are, if you’ve had your current website more than around 2 years, it will not be a responsive design (mobile enabled), which means travellers using mobile devices will not be able to see you properly on a smartphone nor will they be able to book you easily.

The good news is that this does not stop you from keeping your existing website as we can supply you a mobile website like the one shown here. Hotel Link Solutions’ mobile websites are elegant and easy to use. Whenever a traveller opens one of our websites from a mobile device, the optimised version will display, allowing them to make the booking the same way they do in the main website.

We offer complete customisation to make the mobile website look just like the main website.