Your website is your single most important asset and it needs to be good. Very good.

We have built thousands, and tested them rigorously to know what works and what doesn’t. We took this knowledge and built a powerful accommodation website platform which allows us to create stunning websites at a fraction of the cost of custom designed websites.

The features are endless

  • Fully responsive to allow your website to be viewed any any size device from smartphone to desktop.
  • Fully multi-lingual.
  • Huge variety of designs available. When you grow tired of your existing website you can simply go into the system and select a new design. We’re adding new ones all the time.
  • You can update everything yourself via the most intuitive back end in the business. You don’t even have to re-size your images. Just drag and drop.
  • You can load as many photos and videos as you want and even upload documents for your clients (brochures, restaurant menus, etc.).
  • You can also add as many extra pages as you want at no cost and whenever you need them …great to promote special events, new hotel features, or new restaurant offerings.
  • Google maps loaded, a weather feed, and social media buttons for liking and sharing.
  • Comes with a web booking form. We can also quickly drop in our booking widget so you can take instant bookings. If you have another booking widget you want to stay with, no problem, we can also drop that into your new website.

If you are into web marketing and the tech side of things

  • The system is built on the powerful Drupal open source CMS and hosting is done with Amazon Web Services. The system is incredibly fast, secure and fully backed- up.
  • Every website is setup with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Robots.txt is setup and website submissions done to Google and Bing.
  • Key web metrics are displayed on your dashboard showing numbers of visitors, bounce rates, country of search etc.
  • Optimized for search with fully customisable meta tags.